4200mm Coated Board Paper Machine

Coated whiteboard paper belongs to the category of packaging paperboard. It is a processed paperboard made by coating white paint on the original paperboard and then finishing it. Its quantitative is generally above 200g/㎡, and its thickness is above 0.1mm. It is mainly used for making packaging boxes after single-sided color printing. 4200mm coated board paper machine details as below.

Main Technical Data of 4200mm Coated Board Paper Machine

Types of papermaking: Coated white board paper
Quantitative copying: 180~300 g/㎡
Trimmed width: 4200mm
Roll width: 4260mm
Design speed: 350m/min(50 Hz)
Working speed: 150-250m/min(50 Hz )
Dynamic balancing speed: 400m/min
Coating method: Scraper knife metering coating
Coating amount: 5~20 g/㎡(each time)
Coating solid content: 58~60%
Coating weight tolerance: 5%(coating weight)
Transmission form: AC motor frequency conversion control, divisional transmission
Gauge: 5300mm(tentative)

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