Leizhan Today (Company Overview)

Leizhan Company Head Office Photo

Leizhan Company Head Office Photo

Meet Leizhan

Leizhan Company is an innovative, international leader in the pulp and paper making business. We have over 30 years experience in pulp and paper industry and as a true full service provider supporting customers with our expertise and leadership. We treat our customers as whole entities, and our spectrum of pulp pulping system, cleaning system, screening system, refining system, paper making, equipment, parts and service are unmatched by any company in the business.

More than just a family business, Leizhan is a values-based-leadership company, committed to safety, sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. We have a vested interest in both our customers' needs and our employees' well-being. Our expert team of professional managers has been hand selected because they embody the Leizhan Company core values – and because their eyes are turned toward the future.

Leizhan Company vision is continued family ownership into the next generation of the Leizhan family with professional management in place. Our organization is a Leizhan family investment and our objective is to focus on the growth, values based performance and sustainability of that investment.

Mr. Liu, President & CEO
Leizhan Company