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Select a category below to search our offerings for drum pulper, d type hydrapulper, pressure screen, chain conveyor, pulp pump, reject separator and more. All new equipment is available for sale.

Leizhan pulp machine includes: pulper, screening, refiner, cleaner, conveyor & agitator, thickener equipment. The pulp equipment used in the paper making industry has been exported to 128 countries, and Zhengzhou Leizhan has a good reputation at home and abroad. Contact Us: leizhanchina@gmail.com

Pulper Equipmnet:

Drum Pulper | D Type Hydrapulper | Bales Breaker | ...

Screening Equipment:

M.C. Pressure Screen | Inflow Pressure Screen | Light Impurity Separator | Reject Separator | ...

Refiner Equipment:

ZM Series Conical Refiner | ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner | ...

Cleaner Equipment:

High Density Cleaner | Low Density Cleaner

Conveyor & Agitator Equipment:

Chain Conveyor | Pulp Pump | Pulp Agitator

Thickener Equipment:

Inclined Screw Thickener | High-speed Stock Washer | ZDR Series Kneader | ...

We don't just sell equipment, we also operate several paper pulping operations, which means we understand the importance of equipment uptime. We offer a complete product line of stationary, mobile, and track equipment for domestic and international customers.

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