Application Of Ceramic Coating Blade In Paper Industry


Coating blade is a coating method to produce high quality coating paper, the doctor blade on coating paper machine is critical component in paper making process, the quality of blade good or not directly influence the products quality and working efficiency. The traditional steel blade in using process is easy to wear, has short service life, need to change the blade frequently, low production efficiency. This article explains the replace product of steel blade—Ceramic Coating Blade.

Ceramic Coating Blade Used For Coating Machine

The characteristics of ceramics and given blade angle all good to improve the paper’s surface performance and printability, such as:

  • Reduce paper roughness;
  • Coating is more uniform and stable;
  • Improve paper glossiness in surface coating and single face coating

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating Blade

  • Improve production capacity;
  • Reduce cost( The rate of breakage was significantly reduced )
  • Improve production efficiency ( Can be produced to specific angle according to customer’s demands, don’t need seating time )
  • Improve and stable coating quality;
  • Lower labour intensity;

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