Ragger for Pulp Cleaning in Paper Making

Ragger is designed by Leizhan Company provides support for the cleanliness of paper pulp. Ragger is mainly used to remove various entangled impurities such as iron wire, rope, plastic, cotton yarn and so on in waste paper pulp. It is a rough selection purification equipment.

Ragger is often used in conjunction with continuous pulping equipment such as hydrapulper. During the operation of the hydrapulper, it is continuously rotated and wound to form a strand, which is continuously pulled out and drained, so that the pulp can be initially purified.

Leizhan uses special technology to produce pulping equipment and provides a complete set of pulping equipment for the paper making industry to ensure the purity of the pulp. Welcome to contact us for quotation. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com

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