600T/D Corrugated Paper Board Plant


Leizhan supplied Complete set of 600T/D corrugated paper making line based waste paper board for Zhengzhou Hengfeng Paper Mill. It has two production line: 450T/D T-paper production plant and Corrugated paper making line.

Waste Paper Recycling Line

Chain conveyor-Drum pulper-High density-cleaner-M.C. pressure screen-Fiber grading machine-Light impurity separator-Reject separator-Low density cleaner group-Inclined screen-Pressure screen before paper machine-Headbox-Paper machine

Energy-saving Drum Breaking System

Leizhan company adopts energy-saving and efficient drum breaking system firstly, mild pulper reduce the repulping process on the secondary role of recycling fibers cut off, To ensure that the final paper targets. And also without destroying the physical dimensions of the impurities, in the pulping section will conduct a preliminary screening, remove light impurity in pulp of system. Reduce  load  o

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