Drum Pulper For Paper Pulping Line

drum pulper for paper pulping line

Paper Hydrapulper machine include D Type Hydrapulper, H.C.Hydrapulper, M.C.Hydrapulper, Vertical Hydrapulper, Drum Pulper, etc, and include old Horizontal Hydrapulper. Why Drum Pulper for paper pulping line is at the top list in paper mill’s requirement?

Drum Pulper Spare Parts Delivery Site

Most paper mill at China ordered Drum Pulper from leizhan instead of D Type Hydrapulper at present, here below are the Feed Hopper and Transmission Device of DruM Pulper delivery site for Guangdong 250000 tons per year paper making. Why they choose Drum Pulper?

1. Continuous gentle pulping, has no damage to fiber;

2. Replace the continuous pulping system, have no quick-wear part;

3. Automatic discharge, reduce the manpower resource.

You can choose a suitable Hydrapulper machine according to your raw material, production capacity and budget for your paper pulping line, contact us: leizhanchina@gmail.com. Our professional sale manager will provide the reasonable advice for you.

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