100T/D Corrugated Paper Making Machine

100tpd corrugated paper making machine

There are about 50 paper mills around our company, the paper they produce include corrugated paper, kraft paper, napkin paper, toilet paper, a4 paper, etc, here is one of the paper mill called Dongxin, they have two corrugated paper production line, the below one is 100t/d corrugated paper making machine details as reference.

Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Paper kind: High-strength corrugated paper ( two cylinder mould wires )
Average production capacity per day: 100 tons
Designed working speed: 180m/min
Max working speed: 150m/min
Gsm range: 100-170gsm
Trimmed width: 3600mm

The corrugated paper making machine they used all from Leizhan, we have cooperated for many years, if you have the similar requirement, welcome to consult us, and we can visit the paper mills production condition if you fly to China, our professional engineers and sale manager will speak the specific corrugated paper making details to you.

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