3400mm Corrugated Kraft Paper Making Process

corrugated kraft paper making process

Corrugated and kraft paper is always in high demand with the development of economy, here is the corrugated kraft paper making process, take 3400mm/350tpd as example.

Corrugated Kraft Paper Making Process

Fine pulp → air cushion type headbox → double fourdrinier wire → one vacuum suction transfer roll+ 1 vacuum press+ one double felt 1350mm large diameter press type → one single felt large diameter press → one φ1500 leading paper dryer cylinder → φ1500UNO dryer cylinders and 21 φ1800 dryer cylinders(1+3/3 adopts single hanging type +8+10 ) → sizing machine → 12 φ1800 dryer cylinders → calender → B/M → pneumatic reeling machine.

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