4400mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

Leizhan Company recently launched a 4400mm fourdrinier multi-cylinder corrugated paper machine to meet the growing corrugated paper market demand. The 4400mm Fourdrinier wire multi-cylinder design enables it to have excellent production capacity and high efficiency. Every detail of its precision design is aimed at stable, high-quality paper production.

Details of 4400mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

Trimmed width: 4400mm
Quantity: 90-200g/m2
Guage: 5600mm
Working speed: 400m/min
Design speed: 500m/min

Leizhan Company is at the forefront of the paper making industry in terms of R&D and innovation, and has always been aiming to provide customers with high-quality and innovative paper making machinery and equipment. Leizhan looks forward to cooperating with more paper mills. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com

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