4600/260 Fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

fourdrinier multi cylinder paper machine

According to customer requirement, the structure description and supply scope of the 4200/260 paper machine is as below:

The paper machine line is for 80-170g/m² high-grade corrugated paper production line. Including Long wire forming part, Press section, Drying part, Reel machine part, Foundation part, Auxiliary system of paper machine,etc.

  • Forming part: Open-type headbox sizing,single long wire forming(16 meters);
  • Press section: Be made up double MG press roll(Φ1350/Φ1350);
  • Drying part: Twenty-four Φ1800 dryers, the form of array 8+8+sizing machine;
  • Reel machine part: Horizontal pneumatic ReHOel Machine;
  • Driving part is separately transmission, Ac variable frequency control;
  • Arrangement form: Single floor;

The wire part can be seen from the reel machine, driving part is on the left, so it is left-hand paper machine. Conversely,it is right-hand paper machine.

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