80-170g/m² Corrugated Paper Making Line

80-170gsm corrugated paper making line

One of our customer produce corrugated paper use 100% OCC, quantitative range is 80-170g/m², trimmed width is 4200mm, arrangement form is single-layer layout.

Corrugated Paper Making Technology Details

In paper making process, the consistency of pulp is depends on customer’s require to paper quality, here 80-170g/m² pulp feed consistency is 0.8-0.95%, average lateral shrinkage rate is ≤3.5~4.5%, banner moisture ≤±1.0%, banner quantitative difference ≤±2% , compress air pressure ≤0.6MPa.

Dryness Of The Paper Machine Each Part

When paper out of the wire part of paper machine, the dryness is around 22%, after press part can reach 48%, and after drying part is 92%. Paper after drying part is already formed, then through calendering, wind, rewinding to get original corrugated paper roll.

Except this, we also supply complete set of corrugated paper pulping line for paper mill, welcome to consult us if you have any need: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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