Bale Breaker For Bale Waste Paper

bale breaker for bale waste paper

Chain Conveyor, Bale Breaker, Drum Screen is widely used in kraft/corrugated paper mill, which greatly improve the working efficiency. Waste paper bale breaker is used to breaking and selecting the waste paper in bundles, under the function of package drum, the stone, iron nail, battery, plastics, wax stone, candy etc small impurities in the drum will be discharged to outside.

Waste Paper Bale Breaker Advantages

1. For large scale waste paper production line, waste paper bale breaker can solove the problem which people can’t work out. In the process of waste paper bale breaking machine screening small impurities, some big rubbish ( such as wood brick, iron, rag, plastic bottle, ring-pull can, etc ) come to light, worker can pick up it and apply waste classification recovery.
2. After waste paper bale breaker put into running, make Hydrapulper change from past full bundles feed way to continuous feeding of loose waste paper. Reduce the power consumption of Hydrapulper, stable pulping consistency.
3. The usage of Bale breaker for bale waste paper reduce the impurities get into pulping system from source, therefore effective improve the quality of pulp, greatly reduce the impurities breaking in pulping process, reduce the following screening equipment working burden and equipment wear.
4. Adopt waste paper bale breaker can save manpower greatly, save expenditure of labor service, reduce forklift number, save the cost of forklift maintain and service.

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