Different Corrugated Paper’s Advantages And Disadvantages

different kinds of corrugated paper's advantages and disadvantages

Corrugated paper board is divided into three kinds according to it’s teeth, V type, U type and UV type, each of type have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Different Type Corrugated Paper Board

V type corrugated paper:
Advantages: Good standing, hard and reliable, less adhesive;
Disadvantages: Corrugated roof and surface paper adhesion are not good, Corrugated corrugation is easy to be damaged, and hard to recovery;
U type corrugated paper:
Advantages: Good elasticity, easy recovery, high buffer performance, corrugated roof and surface paper adhesion are good.
Disadvantages: Withstand plane pressure is not very good.
UV type corrugated paper:
Advantages: Tooth profile curve is bigger than V type and smaller than U type, combine their advantages, high pressure resistance, elasticity and recovery are good, high bonding strength.

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