Doctor Blade for Paper Machine

The pneumatic Doctor Blade is composed of three parts: a pneumatic thumb, a scraper body, and a swing device. The pressurization of the Doctor Blade is accomplished through two pneumatic tires that pressurize and depressurize the pneumatic thumb. And Leizhan Company’s pneumatic scrapers are divided into several different structures.

More Details of Doctor Blade

1. Double air bag single Doctor Blade: It can use the air bag to make the contact between the blade and the roller even, without damaging the roller.
2. Double air bag and double Doctor Blade: The first scraper is used to destroy the surface tension of fine fibers on the vacuum pressure roller and remove the fine fibers, and the second scraper is responsible for final cleaning.
3. Yangke’s wrinkle scraper uses an air bag Doctor Blade: its scraper has good rigidity and stable wrinkles.

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