Five Layers Corrugated Paper Making Line

five layers corrugated paper making line

Here the below information is the details about five layers corrugated paper making line, include steam consumption, motor power, land occupation, etc.

Information About Five Layers Corrugated Paper Making Line

1. Design speed: 150m/min
2. Economic speed: 100-120m/min
3. Working width: 2200mm
4. Corrugated paper making line length: Around 80 meters ( The specific length shall be based on the foundation drawing )
Annotation: The corrugated paper making line used original paper should accord with the following requirements:
*Original paper grade not lower than B
*Corrugated original paper moisture content: 11%±1%
*Top layer: 140-180g/m²
*Central layer: 120-140g/m²
*Bottom layer: 90-125g/m²
5. Corrugated combination: A. C. B. E ( Or according with the customer )
6. Steam requirement: steam consumption: 3200-3800g/Hr Highest pressure: 1.6Mpa, Usual pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa
7. Power: 380v, 50Hz, three-phase four-wire system
8. Corrugated equipment total power: Around 380kw, equipment usual power: 300kw
9. Equipment land occupation: About 80m*10m*6m( length*width*height )
10. Euipment arrangement: Confirm according to the user factory: left or right.

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