Flut And Testliner Paper Production Line

flute and testliner paper production line

These days, we received many leave notes to require about the flut and testliner/kraft paper making machine, we supply the complete set of flut/testliner paper production line, include stock preparation line and paper making line. Actually, one paper making line can produce various kind of paper if we designed reasonable at the first.

Flut/Testliner etc Packaging Paper Making

Some of our customers use one paper production line to produce few kinds of paper, take flut and testline paper making line as example, testliner paper making line can used to produce flut paper, and flut paper making process is easier compare with kraft paper production line, don’t need to have too much screening and cleaning process. It’s unnecessary to go through three sections Low Density Cleaner to remove impurities, shorten the procedure.

No matter what paper do you want to produce, our professional engineer will design the corresponding project according to your demand, try best to save the budget and impove production efficiency.

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