Grapple For Paper Mill

grapple for paper mill

Grapple in paper industry mainly used for the pulp paper mill which use waste paper as raw material, for collect all kinds of waste residue in the pool in pulping process, Leizhan manufacture two kinds automatic Grapples, the details as following.

Grapple For Paper Mill Details

1. “Petal” type grapple, usually equipped with sediment well, to remove the large impurities, pneumatic operation;
2. Grapple with many “claw”, this is always used with hydrapulper for grab huge amount of light impurities from the pulper’s barrel, reduce deslagging time, greatly improve the pulper working efficiency.

These two kinds of grapple all adopt automatic operation, which is convenient and fast in paper making process, if you have any need, welcome to consult us:

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