How To Improve Paper Forming?

How To Improve Paper Forming

Paper forming is a vital factor for final paper quality, there are many factors influence paper forming, then, how to improve paper forming?

Solutions Improve Paper Forming

1. Reduce the speed of paper machine headbox if forming wire dehydration ability is allowed;
2. If other conditions of paper quality is allowed
1) Using shorter fiber in ingredient;
2) Increase pulp beating if suitable;

3. Operation under optimal tension conditions
1) Do not allow the forming wire to droop onto the dewatering element or loose at the chest roller;
2) Do not allow the wire to change direction severely in the forming plate and roll area

4. Always maintain the best quantitative distribution for existing headboxes
5. The slurry discharge from the lip should be as uniform and uniform as possible to avoid flocculation.
6. To set the pulp speed and speed ratio to the optimum, actually use the meter to read the values.

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