How To Keep Paper Machine Work In High Efficiency?

How To Keep Paper Machine Work In High Efficiency

If we want to make sure paper machine work in high efficiency, except equipped with high quality accessories, the operation methods are equally important. Here are some tips to guarantee the paper machine running performance.

1. Vacuum transfer paper, it is necessary to adjust the width of the suction zone which is suitable for the width of the paper to avoid the edge and the falling edge;

2. The paper transfer vacuum box should make the whole web evenly remove the moisture in the press felt, and attract the paper to the lower felt cloth to achieve stable separation and lead to the latter process. Pay attention to the necessary vacuum degree and can not be partially blocked during use;

3. Stabilize the paper vacuum box, adjust the air volume, ensure that the appropriate negative pressure is generated to stabilize the paper, and avoid the paper folding and floating edge;

4. The paper conveying bellows should adjust the air volume to ensure that a suitable negative pressure is generated to stably transfer the paper;

5. Single hanging dry wire, to scrape the glue to maintain proper air permeability so that it can be combined with the vacuum cylinder and the steady paper bellows to achieve the drying of the wet tissue of the initial dry section and no open operation support; vacuum cylinder: pay attention to the dredge of the hole and the adjustment of the vacuum suction valve allows the paper to run stably against the dry wire;

6. Ventilation in the bag area, the ventilation and air supply volume should be adjusted to balance the air pressure in the drying bag area to avoid excessive jitter and paper breakage caused by the air pressure imbalance and instability on both sides;

7. Automatic tension control, set appropriate setting value according to different quantitative and position, and automatically adjust according to the set value to ensure the smooth running of the paper web;

8. Curved roller, according to the lateral tension of the paper, adjust the angle of the curved roller to stretch the paper and keep the full width tension evenly to avoid the occurrence of folding.

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