Machine For Break Bale Waste Paper

machine fr break bale waste paper

In Paper Pulping line, bundles waste paper dealing is a big question, Break bale waste paper machine greatly improve the whole pulping efficiency and reduce the wear and burden of following equipment.

Waste Paper Bale Breaking Dry Screening System

Traditional technology: Waste paper→ hydraulic pulping→ wet screening and cleaning→paper making
Innovation craft: Waste paper→ bale breaking dry screening→ hydraulic pulping→ wet screening and cleaning→ paper making.

Advantages Of Waste Paper Bale Breaker

1. For large-scale waste paper pulping line, waste paper bale breaker can solve the pick question which people can’t: In impurities screening process, discharge loose waste paper from discharge hole, evenly distribute on the pick conveying belt, expose some big impurities( such as wood block, iron, rag, plastic bottle, ring-pull can, wax paper, etc ) workers can pick it under high efficiency, and waste classification recovery.

2. Waste paper bale breaker machine change the waste paper feed way from whole bundles to pieces, reduce the energy consumption of hydrapulper, increase it’s production capacity and stable pulping consistency.

3. Remove light heavy impurities and bad quality waste paper earlier, solve the question of impurities breaking, and worse quality waste paper’s pollution to whole system, improve pulp quality;

4. Greatly save manpower, save expenditure of labor service about 50%-60%, reduce amount of forklift, reduce it’s maintain cost.

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