Mixed Slurry For Paper Mill

Mixed Slurry For Paper Mill

Different pulp ratio can get different quality pulp and have different effect to pulp equipment( service life, energy consumption, etc )

For example, a factory uses 70~80% bleached softwood pulp with 20~30% wheat straw pulp, and two-stage continuous beating by the disc mill, the pulping and beating degree is 86~890SR, and the production of translucent paper has long cracking and resistance. The degree of doubling is increased by about 10%, the tearing degree is increased by about 5%, and the power consumption is reduced by about 15%.

This is mainly in the process of beating, the long-fiber pulp not only protects the short fibers and reduces the cutting of the wheat straw fiber, but also the wheat straw fiber enters between the tooth surfaces of the grinding disk under the entrainment of the wood pulp fibers, and increase squeezing, friction, and distortion of straw short fibers. In addition, the hemicellulose content in the wheat straw pulp is high and the beating degree rises faster.

Softwood pulp and hemp pulp,softwood pulp and bamboo pulp, coniferous wood pulp and wheat straw pulp, reed pulp, etc., as long as the appropriate ratio, reasonable beating process conditions, can be mixed and beaten, especially in some mixed with grass fiber Small paper mills are more practical.

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