Paper Machine Felt Cause Sheet Crushing

paper machine felt cause sheet crushing

Sheet crushing is meant wet paper in press area form liquid pressure under pressure, under liquid pressure, the moisture in paper discharge, if impeded drainage, then will break the fiber’s configuration status in wet paper, this phenomenon called “crushing”. There are many reasons cause sheet crushing, in these reasons, paper machine felt play an important role. The following describes the paper machine felt factors.

Paper Machine Felt Factors To Sheet Crushing

1. Improper selection of felt: The selection of felt must according to the specification and production environment of paper machine, such as the brand, gsm, air permeability, thickness, raw material etc of felt, it’s better to communicate with technical staff, listen their advice.
2. Because the dirty of paper machine felt: Strength the wash of felt, keep it clean, can prolong it’s service life and reduce paper disease.
3. The wear of the felt: There are many reasons result felt abrasion: The felt is not tight enough, Vacuum suction box vacuum degree is too big, no lubrication water between felt and and vacuum suction box pane, improper selection of vacuum suction box material or coefficient of friction, and long time use of felt.
4. Because of the poor running condition of felt: The tension of felt is too small, over transverse shrinkage, vacuum suction box air leakage, press felt standard line deformed and bent, etc all can result wet sheet not evenly hydrated then cause crushing.

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