Paper Machine Press Rollers

paper machine press roller

Press roller is used to increase dewatering efficiency, improve the quality of paper, reduce the bad influence of press to paper. With the improvement of paper machine operating speed, there are all kinds of press roller apply in paper machine to adapts different needs.

The Classification Of Press Roller

1. Flat roll press 2. Mesh Press 3. Vacuum Press 4. Groove Press 5. Blind Hole Press 6. Wide Nip Press 7. Shoe Press 8. Heating Press

Vacuum Press Roller: (Roll material: stainless steel; Clad material: synthetic rubber; Rubber hardness: P&J12-20°; Type: double spiral line row-hole, aperture ratio 15%; Bearing: NSK)

Blind Hole Press Roller: (Material: roll HT300, shaft ZG45, Coated material: line pressure resistance synthetic rubber; Rubber surface hardness: P&J9-15°; Coated rubber thickness: 20mm; Main structure: blind hole, double spiral line hole,  hole diameterΦ2.6, hole ratio 22%, hole depth 7 and 9 crisscross. Cool water is in roll, equipped with swivel joint; Bearing: NSK

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