Pressure Screen For Paper Making

pressure screen for paper making

Mid consistency pressure screen is advanced pulp screening equipment in paper making industry, with the function of coarse and fine screening, Leizhan manufacture high quality and advanced spare parts pressure screen, the details as below.

Pressure Screen Advantages In Leizhan

1. Oil injection device form Korea, seal water detection alarm device imported form Finland, sensor made in German;
2. Double face mechanical seal, protect inner bearing, if one side is broken, another side can run normally;
3. Equipped with the best quality slotted and hole screen basket, stainless steel material, prolong it’s service life;
4. The barrel and rotor all made of stainless steel, NSK bearing from Japan;
5. Exquisite manual welding, beautiful surface, good user experience.

Except M.C.Pressure Screen, we also manufacture Inflow Pressure Screen used for paper machine approaching system, which greatly improve the pulp quality, if you have any need, welcome to consult us:

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