Pulp Cleaning Machine Low Density Cleaner

pulp cleaning machine low density cleaner

During the process of pulper pulping waste paper, there will be many impurities in waste paper pulp, large density impurities such as stones, gravel, glass, iron wire, etc, small density impurities such as wood chip, grease, resin, foam, etc

After all kinds of impurities in waste paper pulp dealing through High Density Cleaner, Mid Density Cleaner and outflow, inflow, etc pressure screen, it still contains tiny particles that are close to the fiber, like fine sand, lime powder, foam, wax, plastics and stickers. When carton box and paper board are produced by high speed paper machine, these tiny impurities after sizing will form black spots, wet spots, influence paper’s cleanliness, bursting strength, folding strength, smoothness, etc. All these questions can be solved by Low Density Cleaner.

Advantages Of Low Density Cleaner

Leizhan manufacture high quality Low Density Cleaner, which divided into open type and closed type. Equipped with ceramic cone and stainless steel output, input tube, prolong it’s service life. Adopt advanced technology, which is high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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