White Board/Carton Paper Making Machine

white board paper making machine

White board paper is a kind of paper board which front side is white and back side is grey bottom, this paper board mainly used for packaging box or handmade products.

White Carton Paper Making

The white board paper is made from the top layer pulp and the bottom pulp on the multi-round mesh multi-cylinder paper machine or the fourdrinier mixing board machine. The composition in every layer pulp is different, and every layer fiber composition is different according to the quality of paper.

Conventional Gsm: 230g/m², 250g/m², 270g/m², 300g/m², 350g/m², 400g/m², 450g/m², 500g/m², etc.

We supply the complete set of white board/carton paper making machine manufacturing line, the pulping line needed equipment is different according to the raw material you use, welcome to consult us for more details: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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