Why Pump Not Sizing Pulp?


Pulp pump in paper making process play an important role, which is in charge of conveying the pulp to next equipment. However, there will be in trouble sometimes cause pulp pump can’t run normally. The below article are the reasons about why pump not sizing pulp.

The Reasons About Pump Not Sizing Pulp

1. The impurities are mixed in pulp, block the pulp pump;
2. Pulp pump or pulp are mixed the air;
3. The stock consistency is high in bottom of pulp chest, bulk pulp sizing resistence;
4. Pulp sizing pipe with small diameter, many bend, long distance, cause big resistance of pulp sizing;
5. There are deposition pulp in pump pipe, block the pulp pump pipe;
6. Pulp chest has low liquid level, pulp get through pulp pump with air;
7. New installation of the pump or motor pump overhaul, the motor wiring error, the pump reverse is not sizing.

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