30T/D Writing Paper Making Machine

30tpd writing paper making machine

Writing paper is a large consumption cultural paper, quantify is from 45g/m² to 80g/m², quality requirement: Bright color, both sides smooth, texture closely. It use bleached chemical pulp as raw material, made of fourdrinier machine or cylinder machine, and through calender process. Here are 30t/d writing paper making project according our customer’s need.

30t/d Writing Paper Making Solution

Final Paper: Writing Paper
Production Capacity: 30t/d
Raw Material: 50% wheat straw pulp, 30% hardwood pulp, 20% softwood pulp, add neutral sizing and surface sizing, etc.
Trimmed With: 1760mm
Operating Speed: 200m/min
All these parameter just as reference, different according customer’s different requirements.

In order to guarantee the stable of paper size, picking and linting, less ink, reduce the production cost, in general use 15%-20% bleached softwood pulp, 25%-30% hardwood pulp, 50-60% bleached wheat straw pulp. Under the circumstance of not enough of softwood pulp,can increase the ratio of hardwood pulp properly, reduce the ratio of wheat straw pulp.

We supply the full line of writing paper making, especially the pulping line. For more details about 30t/d writing paper making or other capacity, welcome to consult us: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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