A4 Paper Recycle Machine

a4 paper recycle machine

Many customer leave a message inquiry about the A4 Paper Recycle Machine and A4 paper production line, here our engineer designed a project for reference.

A4 Paper Production Line

Raw Material: Virgin pulp, waste newspaper, book depends on your need.
Production Capacity: 5-50 tons per day.
Trimmed Width: 1575-3600mm
Take 1575mm as example:
Final Paper Kind: High-grade A4 Paper
Net Width: 1575mm
Base Weight: 60-80gsm
Structure Speed: 100m/min
Working Speed: 40-60m/min
Crawling Speed: 20m/min
Capacity: 5 tons per day
Gayge: 2400mm
Drive Form: Section variable frequency drive
Accessory Equipment: Cylinder Winding Machine: Φ900×1850×2400

We support the complete set of A4 paper production line for paper mill, which from stock preparation line( waste paper pulping, pulp screening, refining and cleaning) to paper making, welcome to consult us if you have any need: leizhanchina@gmail.com

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