A4 Size Paper Making Machine

a4 size paper making machine

Leizhan manufacture A4 size paper machine, new condition equipment for the production of paper a4, specialize in manufacturing A4 paper, printing paper . We also supply many kinds of auxiliary machine and spare parts such as dryer cylinder, doctor blade, vacuum pump, press roll, dryer, pope reel, felt roll, felt, polyester wire, head box, rewinder, calender machine and so on.

Main Spare Parts of A4 Paper Machine

Fourdrinier Wire&Mould Machine
Shoe Press
Dryer Cylinder
Vacuum Pump&Vacuum System
Sizing Machine
Coating Machine
Roll Press
Paper Winder
Finished Product Package Delivery System
Paper Cutter
Lubricating System & Hydraulic System & Air Compressor System
Steam and Condensate System
Cooling Tower

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