Automatic A4 Paper Wrapping Machine

Automatic A4 Paper Wrapping Machine

We provide high performance paper wrapping machine, which can used to packaging a4 office paper, automatic operation save the time and man power, the details as below mention.

Features Of Paper Wrapping Machine

1. Multi-functional digit-display infinite speed regulation, PLC control systems are adopted.
2. Touch screen is equipped, so man-machine interface is achieved.
3. Fully automatic feeder is adopted
4. The machine can be used to pack common and advanced printed sheets.
5. The most advanced automatic gluing spraying system is equipped.
6. Packaging costs can be greatly reduced, and packaging veracity, effect, sealing capacity are increased.
7. The packing effect can be up to the international level.

Paper wrapping machine is one of our product, we main supply paper and pulp full production line for paper makers, any demand, consult us:

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