Carbonless Paper Making Machine


One of our customer want to set up a carbonless base paper making plant, Leizhan supply the whole line of carbonless paper making, here the below details about carbonless paper making machine.

Carbonless Paper Machine Specification

Width of roller surface: 1100-3000mm
Max width of base paper: 1092-2640mm
weight of base paper: 40-60g/m²
Coating weight: 2~10g/m²
Solid content: 16-30%
Design speed: 200-500m/min
Working speed: 150-450/min
Coating weight: 5-30g/m²
Coating method: Single or Double coating + air knife coaters
Drying method: Hot air circulating + drying tank finishing
Max roll diameter: Φ1200mm

We also supply the carbonless base paper pulping line for paper making friends, welcome to consult us for more details:

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