High Grade offset A4 paper making machine

high grade offset a4 paper making machine

High grade a4 paper making machine is always in high demand with the improvement of people’s life quality. Leizhan paper machinery provide whole set of a4 paper production line, which from paper stock preparation line to high grade a4 paper making machine. Our professional engineer will design the lowest consumption project for paper making mill.

A4 Paper Stock Preparation Line

First, conveying the raw material( waste paper, wood pulp ) to Hydrapulper, and then the pulp will go through cleaning process to remove heavy impurities and coarse screening, fine screening section, tailing processing device, etc. The fine pulp will enter into slurry storage pool for application.

A4 Paper Making Machine

The accepts are conveyed into Inflow Pressure Screen, then through head box reach the wire part of paper machine. And next is pressing part, drying section and paper calendering. At last high grade a4 paper cooperate with paper reeling machine and paper rewinder to form certain shape paper roll.

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