Offset Paper Wrinkling Reason

offset paper wrinking reason

Offset paper is widely used in our daily life, mainly used in all kinds of book and textbook, and other newspaper, color page, catalog, maps, calendar, calendars, cover, insert, illustrations, product manuals, manual, cartoons, comic book, advertising posters and all kinds of packaging products, etc.

Single wood-free printed paper appears wrinkling in paper making process is a very common phenomenon, therefore, the loss of paper and the loss of the loose patch are very large. Here are some factors to influence offset paper wrinkling to reference.

Wood-free Printed Paper Wrinkling Reason

1. Improper adjustment of paper transfer mechanism;
2. Bite block is uneven; The paper was in a wavy shape when it’s in gripper mouth, cause the part close to gripper mouth part bow wrinkled or broken;
3. Tooth slice has long and short or open teeth is small, long teeth slice hang the paper, cause bow wrinkled.
4. Improper transfer of paper. After long time running of printing machine, if oil starvation, paper machine spare parts wear seriously, paper in transfer process will cause the change of paper length, make the middle of paper appear bow wrinkled.
5. Pressure is too big. Change rubber blanket and adjust pressure correctly is OK.
6. Offset paper machine working speed is too fast. Printing speed too fast also can cause paper wrinkling.

There are still have other reason to affect the paper final quality, welcome to consult us for more details. Leizhan manufacture high quality offset paper making machine, if you have any need, contact us:

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