Pulp Diluted For Fourdrinier And Cylinder Machine

pulp diluted for fourdrininer and cylinder machine

In general, the stock consistency in pulp chest is 2.5-3.5%, this high consistency, it is difficult to disperse the fibers and remove impurities, therefore need to be diluted use water, the slurry can form good dispersion in low concentration, and it is good for purification and screening.

Pulp Diluted For Fourdrinier Machine

According to the character of pulp, equipment characteristics and quality requirements of final paper, the pulp consistency before the wire is 0.3-1.0%, the diluted degree of pulp this time, is the same with pulp consistency on the wire, adopt same pulp consistency to filter screen and form.

Pulp Diluted For Cylinder Mould Paper Machine

The pulp consistency before wire for cylinder mould paper machine is only 0.1%-0.3%. But if such concentration is used for purification screening, the slurry flow of the purification screening equipment is bound to be very large, which makes the number of the purification screening devices more and more, large investment, large land occupied, complicated pipe, and large power consumption.

The dilution of cylinder machine is generally used in two-stage dilution method. First dilute pulp consistency to 0.5-0.6% to screening, then in the stable box before the wire, further diluted to the wire concentration.

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