100T/18H Paper Cup Recycling Deinked Pulp Pulping Line

Turkish customer has launched a new project of 100 tons paper cup recycling deinked pulp pulping line, and the entire pulping equipment is provided by Leizhan. The pulping machines are sent in batches. Below are the details of the first batch of shipments.

Delivery Information of Pulping Machine for Turkish Customer

Deliveried time: May 14, 2023
Ordered machine: chain conveyor, pulper, hydrapurger, reject separator, light impurity separator, high-speed stock washer, drum screen, pressure screen, vibrating screen, cleaner, agitator, flotation deinking machine
Deliveried machine: high-speed stock washer, flotation deinking machine and supporting accessories

Leizhan has professional engineers who can design the production line according to your requirements. If you want to develop a production line, please contact us.

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