200tpd Wrapping Paper Machine Delivery

200tpd wrapping paper machine delivery

Congratulations! Leizhan build a cooperation relationship with Jiangxi Paper Mill. This is a company professional at the manufacture of new material packing. 200t/d wrapping paper making line is their new project. Here is the delivery site of part of wrapping paper machine.

Equipment Delivery For Wrapping Paper Making

The whole wrapping paper pulping line include waste paper pulping, stock coarse screening, fine screening, impurities cleaning, etc. Jiangxi paper mill ordered Leizhan complete set of wrapping paper making line, the above photo is the delivery site of D Type Hydrapulper, Low Density Cleaner and M.C.Pressure Screen. D Type Hydrapulper in wrapping paper making line is used to pulping waste paper in bundles, Low Density Cleaner is in charge of removing heavy impurities in the stock, M.C.Pressure Screen is for coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp, besides, can be used as fractionating screening to separate different fibers.

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