2750 Drum Pulper For Pulping Waste Paper

2750 drum pulper for pulping waste paper

The photo above is Drum Pulper delivery site for waste paper pulping line to produce kraft and corrugated paper. Recently, Drum Pulper for pulping waste paper is more and more popular in China, because it’s low investment and convenience in paper making process.

Why Use Drum Pulper?

As we all know, in kraft/Liner, corrugated/Fluting paper making line, D Type Hydrapulper and Drum Pulper is always the first choice for pulping waste paper. D Type Hydrapulper is very popular in paper mill before, for it is cheap and high efficiency and suitable for almost all raw material.

But these years, with the development of technology, Drum Pulper is the latecomers surpass the formers, By means of it’s numerous advantages. Such as: Continuous Pulping, don’t need continuous pulping system; Gentle pulping, almost no damage to fiber, improve paper’s quality; No quick-wear parts, save the cost and reduce unnecessary trouble.

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