300t/d Fluting Paper Making Project

300t/d Fluting Paper Making Project

Shanxi jiayuan paper mill is a business enterprise expert at packaging paper, predominant product is excessive strength fluting paper. A good way to increase the corrugated paper making market, they installation a brand new corrugated paper making assignment, and acquired maximum of pulp equipment from our business enterprise, right here is the delivery info.

Corrugated/Fluting Paper Pulp Device Delivery

Paper kind: corrugated/fluting/medium paper
Production ability: 300t/d
Bought pulp machine: Entire corrugated paper pulping line equipment encompass chain conveyor, mid consistency pressure screen, M.C.Cleaner, fiber fractionating, agitator, etc.
Delivery device: 30m³ d pulper, fluting pulp reject separator, mid. consistency screen machine

We offer the corrugated/fluting/medium paper complete production line from the waste paper conveying to final rewinding for paper mill, in case you want to know the information about the entire fluting making venture, seek advice from us: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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