500T/D Corrugated/T Paper Pulping Equipment

500tpd corrugated t paper pulping equipment

500t/d whole set of pulping equipment to produce corrugated/t paper for Nigeria Nixin Paper Mill Nigeria Limited is going to finished, here this time the delivery equipment is as below:

Corrugated/T Paper Pulping Equipment

Mixer: Improve the mixing concentration in pulp chest, and get more homogenate pulp.
D Type Hydrapulper: Effectively pulping waste paper, wood and other raw material. Can add automatic deslagging pneumatic valve replace continuous pulping system.
Low Density Cleaner: Used after coarse screening, ceramics cone, stainless steel input and output pipe, which is anti-corrosion and prolong it’s service life.
Inflow Pressure Screen: Belong to pulp flow system before paper machine, get higher quality pulp then improve paper’s performance.

We design the full corrugated/white board/T paper/kraft/testliner paper pulping line for paper makers, from smallest to biggest capacity, welcome to consult us for more details: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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