Chain Conveyor Delivery for Shanxi Paper Mill

Leizhan provides many high-quality pulping equipment to domestic paper mills. This time, a paper mill in Shanxi signed a contract with Leizhan for new pulping equipment. The main equipment ordered is Chain Conveyor. Chain conveyor is mainly used to transport various waste paper and pulp boards.

Chain Conveyor adopts special chain to drive a stamped and formed trough plate to convey materials, and uses V-shaped guard plate to improve the conveying capacity. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, low motor power, less wear, reliable operation and high efficiency.

The equipment ordered by the customer was shipped to Shanxi on September 23. We hope that our equipment can bring benefits to customer as soon as possible. Thanks again to our customer for their support. Leizhan looks forward to cooperating with more paper mills. Email:

Contact us or call +86 371 55129198 for more information.