Corrugated Flute Paper Making Equipment

Corrugated Flute Paper Making Equipment

Shanxi Paper Mill is professional at high strength corrugated paper making, in order to upgrade the old corrugated paper making line, reduce fiber loss and improve pulp production capacity, they purchased few pulp equipment from us, here are the information about their order for fluting paper making.

Pulp Equipment For Corrugated Making

ZG3000 Drum Pulper: Continuous pulping, reduce fiber loss, save manpower reduce following equipment burden and clean working environment;
BFW1600 Chain Conveyor: Conveying waste paper to pulper as suitable angle and suitable speed, angle and speed is adjustable;
2 pieces High Density Cleaner: Remove large heavy impurities, get pure pulp;
Reject Separator: Tailing dealing device, make full use of pulp tailing, almost no fiber loss, reduce pulp mill lost;
4 pieces Pulp agitator: Stir pulp, make pulp stay in suspending condition.

The delivery equipment of this time is spare parts of Drum Pulper: pre-soaking area, pulping area, screening area, gear, foundation, shield, etc. any need for corrugated flute paper making machine, contact us. Email:

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