Double Disc Refiner Shipped for Sichuan Customer

The equipment shipped by Leizhan Company this time is Double Disc Refiner ordered by a Sichuan customer. Double Disc Refiner is a pulping equipment used to improve the degree of pulping, which is beneficial to improving the quality of pulp.

Double Disc Refiner is made of stainless steel and adopts a single-inlet and double-outlet structure to ensure the refining effect and efficiency. In addition, Double Disc Refiner is equipped with automatic water and oil injection devices, making the operation more stable.

The ordered Double Disc Refiner has been successfully shipped to the customer’s designated location. If you are interested in the Double Disc Refiner, please contact us. Leizhan will provide you with considerate service. Email:

Contact us or call +86 371 55129198 for more information.