Drum Pulper For Waste Paper Continuous Pulping

drum pulper for waste paper continuous pulping

The above photo is 304 stainless steel Drum Pulper For Egypt customer 150t/d corrugated/white board/kraft paper paper making line, Drum Pulper is used for waste paper continuous pulping, which is very gentle and convenient.

Drum Pulper Main Features

1. Perfect fiber relief:

Waste paper under high consistency, produces gentle rubbing and friction movement. Make fiber fully separate, the strength and length of waste paper fiber are retained, and the pulp rate is greatly improved.

2. Excellent pulp quality:

Can remove the plastics, foil and hot melt adhesive etc light heavy impurities, make these impurities are removed completely but without broken, and classification collection, reduce environmental pressure.

3. Significant energy saving effect:

No strong rotor structure, it’s not required to be consumed by unnecessary stirring and shearing motion, energy is consumed only at the rotary of drum, about 50% energy saving.

4. Good mechanism of deinking:

Because of operated at high consistency, the effect of chemical is very strong, very fully use of steam, make ink particles separate from the fiber surface effectively, then reach the goal of effectively deinking.

5. Reliable continuous deslagging system:

This machine is easy to maintenance, screen hole is not easy to be blocked, can long time and continuous running. Reduce the following equipment burden because of high discharge efficiency.

6. Reduce the cost of equipment:

The machine will reduce the cost of the whole equipment by concentrating the pulping and coarse screening, decrease the following procedure burden.

7. Save manpower:

Because of processing waste paper in high concentration conditions, this machine is suitable for processing unselected grade waste paper, which can save a waste paper selection process

8. Minimum maintenance costs:

Simple structure, stable, almost no quick-wear part, low maintain cost.

More and more paper mill choose drum pulper for paper continuous pulping because it’s numerous advantages, if you want to know more details about Drum Pulper, welcome to consult us: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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