Egg Tray Pulping Line Making Project

After many inspections, the Malaysian customer decided to sign a contract with us about start egg tray pulping line project and ordered whole set paper recycling pulping line equipment, included D type hydrapulper, high density cleaner, reject Separator, fiber separator, agitator. Leizhan offer complete stock preparation line equipment and the equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low motor power, less fiber loss, etc.

Delivery Equipment Application In Egg Tray Pulping Line

D type hydrapulper: raw material and white water mixed forming slurry and remove some big impurities.
High density cleaner: remove heavy impurities in the slurry.
Reject separator: remove light impurities in the slurry.
Single effect fiber separator: secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp, and separating the light and heavy impurities.

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