Inflow Pressure Screen Delivery Site to Mancheng

Mancheng customer signed a contract with Leizhan for pulping equipment. The main equipment ordered this time is the inflow screen. Inflow pressure screen is suitable as a fine screening equipment for wood pulp and waste paper pulps, and is especially suitable for screening in paper machines.

Inflow pressure screen is a machine that continuously screens under pressure in a completely closed state. During operation, the pulp enters the outside of the screen drum from the pulp inlet pipe on the upper part of the body along the tangential direction. With the help of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen drum, accepted pulp enters the screen drum through the screen slits (holes) under pressure.

Inflow pressure screen is a mature machine that Leizhan engineers have studied for many years and is a relatively advanced pulp screening equipment in the world. Welcome to contact Leizhan if you are interested.


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