Inflow Pressure Screen Order By Liuyang, Hunan Customer

The Inflow Pressure Screen is a hot-selling product of our company. This time, a customer from Liuyang, Hunan ordered an Inflow Pressure Screen from our company. The Inflow Pressure Screen is a relatively advanced pulp screening equipment in the modern world.

The Inflow Pressure Screen is a continuous screening equipment with pressure in a completely closed state, suitable for fine screening equipment for wood pulp, various straw pulp, and waste paper pulp.

The nominal area of the Inflow Pressure Screen drum ordered by the customer is 0.6㎡, and we also have other models that can be customized. Leizhan can provide pulping and paper making equipment, welcome to contact us for more details. Email:

Contact us or call +86 371 55129198 for more information.