Pulper Equipment Drum Pulper For Paper Making

Pulper Equipment Drum Pulper For Paper Making

Pingyao, shanxi province paper mill is a expert packaging paper making mill, with a view to simplify the complete pulping process, they ordered the 3750mm drum pulper to improve the complete pulping line. Drum pulper has the similar function evaluate with d kind hydrapulper, but, drum pulper with the potential that continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper beneath excessive consistency, which efficiently replace the d type hydrapulper continuous pulping project. Here are the details about 3750 pulper machine.

3750mm Drum Pulper Parameter Details

Pulper type(mm): zg3750
Drum diameter(t/d): 550-800
Operating consistency(%): 14-18
Motor energy(kw): 630-800
Utility: packaging/cultural/tissue paper pulping line which use waste paper, paper board as uncooked cloth

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