Rope Cutter For Paper Making

rope cutter for paper making

Rope Cutter for paper making is a coarse screening cleaning equipment, match with Hydrapulper and Ragger, make impurities in waste paper such as iron, string, plastics, cotton yarn etc constantly rotate and twist in Hydrapulper running process, form a cord and be pulled out continuously. Finally rope cutter will cut it to ideal length and transport them to suitable place.

Rope Cutter Delivery

The photo above is Leizhan rope cutting machine for Russia customer, We package it use hardwood box, avoid the abrasion in transport process. High quality blue and yellow paint on surface, not easy to desquamate, always beautiful appearance.

Rope Cutter Main Speciufication

Working Pressure: 25 mpa
Hydraulic Cylinder Force: 2*50T
Cutter Route: 850mm
Pump Station Motor Power: 11kw
Oil Tank Volume: 100L

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